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Nature Cemetery

The design of a ceremonial building is special. It’s all about connecting to nature and ensuring privacy. This is reflected in the shape of this ceremony building, a traditional sheepfold with two separate volumes. The transverse wooden volumes make the distinction in functions tangible and symbolize the transition between [...]

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National Aquarium Denmark

Bespoke Floor Provided for The Blue Planet A unique flooring system was created especially for the new National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet (The Blue Planet) to create an ultra light reflective floor that adds to the underwater illusion in the venue’s interior. The aquarium in Copenhagen is the largest in [...]

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Stanford Ave House

On this exquisite house in the sought after University Park, the entire ground floor was fitted with MHB windows and doors. Maximizing the amount of light for the interior and complementing the architecture perfectly. Location       : USA, Dallas Used systems : SL30-ISO

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